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Carbon peel gel

Carbon peel gel

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Specifications 1. Soft skin care laser machine 2. Also know as black diomand cream 3. Effectively Tighten The Skin 4. Minimize large pores 5. Skin whitening 6. For carbon laser External Use only 7. Net:80ml Usage Method: This product will be use around 2ml, applied to the face for 5-10 minutes, untill the skin to dry, and then use the blackdoll instrument to instrument can.

Features & details

Product advantages: 1, Using high-tech nano-carbon plants, more secure; 2, The effect is significant, blasting energy is strong enough, the first treatment to show good results; 3, Blasting is very clean the whole place burst of laser irradiation; 4, No smell, no alcohol stimulation, suitable for all types of skin; 5, Sufficient toner density to ensure the therapeutic effect
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